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Our Editor for Diablo 3 RoS will be up and running very soon!!!!!!!! Keep an eye out for the WDD3.exe on this very site!!!!!!!!!!!! (comes with instructions on how to work the editor, as it will be a zip file) 


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WolvesDen Inc. © 2017 Looking for Talent 

WolvesDen Inc. © 2017 is Currently looking for another programmer, who can help assemble, and do manifest, c#, c+, c++, and Java

The ideal canidate should know these fields, as we need a person or two for doing seed charting, and scripting. This job entails all of the mentioned things, and will be rewarding! You WILL INSTANTLY get FULL V.I.P. To everything, and instant listing in the staff names, upon hiring!

Please shoot us an E-mail and let us know you are interested in joining the NEW AND RISING DIABLO 3 EDITOR TEAM!!!!

Thanx- xXTheDevilsSonXx                   APPLY BY CLICKING >HERE<

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We have updated the download center with ALL NEW DOWNLADS!

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